Who We Are

City Strata is a total body corporate management service providing award-winning professionalism, accountability and value for money.


We are a secretarial facilitator appointed to manage the assets of the property owners as instructed by the Owners Corporation (and/or Executive Committee).

We take on the management of an Owners Corporation, handling everything from accounting and financial affairs to maintenance and dispute resolution facilitation.

We recognise the increasingly complex demands and time restraints placed on members of Executive Committees and their desire for a solution to the issues that typically concern the owners and committee members of owners’ corporations.

We can assist you and relieve you of the many frustrations you currently face so that you can more fully enjoy the benefits of property ownership.

Our role is to make strata management simple and stress-free and your life easier.

City Strata’s responsibilities encompass a wide array of services and

actions. These are described in the WHAT WE DO section on this website.

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