What Should You
Expect From Your
Strata Manager?

Well, for a start, your Strata Manager should be giving you great service.

What should You Expect from Your Strata Manager

Proper service, not lip service, and you should not expect anything less from your Strata Manager.

And wouldn’t you want to be treated with respect?

Service with Respect? 


Many people who buy into a strata managed complex, are unaware of the roles and responsibilities that an owner in a body corporate has, and are confused by the jargon and terminology.

The Body Corporate is not the company that manages your building and sends you levy notices.

The Body Corporate is in fact you,  the owners of the units within the complex.

All of the owners.

A better name would be the Owners Corporation.

The company that looks after the Owners Corporation and things like levies, is known as the Strata Manager.

Talking of levies, we often find, that owners have a belief that the levies, go to the Strata Management company. Not true, the levies, are decided by and agreed in advance by the Owners Corporation, and go towards the upkeep of the building.

The role of your Strata Manager is to manage the finances and the building maintenance in the best interests of the Owners Corporation. You should expect your Strata Manager to be transparent and work hard to help protect your asset, ensuring that the best value options are presented. Keep in mind, they are simply the facilitators, they do not have the power to make decisions. That is the responsibility of the Owners Corporation.

When you have an emergency arise, you should expect your Strata Manager to act, quickly, decisively and without any fuss to ensure the problem is rectified.

You should expect your Strata Manager to ensure your assets are properly insured, and they proactively, seek competitive quotes from a range of insurers.

The Strata Manager’s prime responsibility is to work for you, and you alone, not the builder, the developer or anyone else.

If you would like further clarification on the roles and responsibilities of your Strata Manager, contact City Strata Management on 6156 3305.

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