How To Recruit New Executive Committee Members

Develop an Executive Committee profile

Prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM), the incumbent executive committee should determine what projects are to be addressed over the next one to three years.  From this, they need to determine the expertise needed from prospective executive committee members to achieve the objectives.  They should then compare the required attributes to that of the existing executive committee.  Identify any gaps to assist in recruitment of new members.

Intangible assets

Intangible assets such as passion to participate, cultural fit and commitment can be just as beneficial as hard skills such as financial or building experience.

Encourage diversity

Consider people from different professions, ages, life experience and levels of education.  The community of the owners corporation needs to be represented.

Engage potential members year-round

Don’t leave it until the AGM to assess and approach potential members.  Engage other owners throughout the year.  Discuss with them the actions that the executive committee are currently undertaking on behalf of the owners corporation.  Encourage them to attend the executive committee meetings prior to election so that they can become familiar with the protocol.

Advertise roles & responsibilities early

Distribute with the AGM notice documentation outlining the roles and responsibilities of office bearers and members of the executive committee.  Include any description concerning working parties or sub-committees.  Describe the skills or qualifications the executive committee needs to achieve specific objectives over the next one to three years.  Include information regarding the executive committee meetings throughout the year such as number of meetings, average duration of meetings, location and time they are generally scheduled.

Manage the nomination process at the AGM

At the AGM, when nominations are being called for executive committee members, request that each nominee introduce themselves to the owners corporation.  Have them speak briefly about what experience they have, what skills they can offer and what benefits these will bring to the owners corporation.  Also confirm their availability to attend meetings.

Opportunities for involvement without commitment to the executive committee

After assessing the roles, responsibilities and expectations of executive committee membership, a potential candidate may decline to nominate for membership as they are unable to meet the commitment to the role.  Alternatively, there may be more candidates than needed – although they have skills and qualifications beneficial to the executive committee.

Utilise these individuals to assist on sub-committees or working groups.  For those where time was a concern – their commitment is reduced to sub-committee work only.  For those who missed out on election despite their willingness to commit for nomination, by engaging these owners at a sub-committee level provides the executive committee with the opportunity to assess those volunteers.

The executive committee gets the benefit of their skills and abilities without those volunteers having to take on governance responsibilities.

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