City Strata becomes Bright & Duggan

City Strata becomes Bright & Duggan

Australia’s Strata Leader, the Bright & Duggan Property Group (“Bright & Duggan”) are excited to announce that effective from 1 October 2020, City Strata will be rebranding under the Bright & Duggan banner in the ACT. In early 2018 we wrote to all owners to advise that following the retirement of Keith & Karen Barlin, Bright & Duggan now owned 100% of City Strata. From inception Bright & Duggan were co-founding shareholders in City Strata and partners to Keith and Karen, providing support services and strata expertise backed by the Group’s 43-year heritage in strata management.

About Bright & Duggan

Bright & Duggan is a grounded and successful family run business with a deep history and innovative culture unlike any other in the Australian strata market. This success has seen the business consistently grow into the mantle as Australia’s strata leader.

Our secret is our people. Our long-term vision and engagement with employees for over 43 years has enabled us to engage, retain, attract, and develop the very people who make our business a success. Having been established as a family business in 1977 our company embraces the values and camaraderie that accompany such history. At the same time the burden of incumbency has not dampened our creative or entrepreneurial spirit and we have consistently adapted ourselves to not just react to market changes but lead transformational restructures that resonate through the marketplace- and become the template for the industry to follow.

Whilst our business headquarters are in Sydney where we were founded, we have an extensive eastern seaboard presence. The Group is the most awarded in strata management in Australia, and we pride ourselves on supporting our customers, pushing for better and being relentless in the pursuit of client satisfaction.

Our business processes, systems, IT platform and strata knowledge have long been integrated into the current City Strata operation, with full continuity of key staff important to ensure all your scheme history and relationships can continue. It is business as usual with a new badge.

We understand the process of rebranding may cause uncertainty to owners. However, we assure you that our business is based on integrity, transparency, and open communications. We are here to help, answer any questions you may have and ensure our network and scale provide an improved free grammar check customer experience.

We are very excited to introduce the Bright & Duggan brand to the ACT and assure all customers of our ongoing commitment to you supported by our incredible team of skilled local team members.

Please feel free to contact your dedicated strata manager or the ACT Branch Manager, Rhonda Yates on 6156 3305 should, you have any queries.


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